Over 20 years as fisheries correspondent for Fishing News International, with articles explaining current affairs in the industry. And since 2016, correspondent, translator and interpreter at Hook & Net, a new application downloadable and readable, each month, and completely free, to the smartphone. Hook & Net provides solid, up to date information on the fishing industry worldwide.

 El Berbés, Vigo's fishing port, my centre of operations (office at the end of the blue and white building on the first floor). Since 1990, my specialised field as translator, interpreter and correspondent has been and still is the fishing industry. This is a multi-faceted field, covering documents, manuals, conversations, conferences, involving law, economics, operational issues, engineering, logistics, international commerce, marketing, auditing, accounting ... But above all, my commitment is to helping people from different languages and cultures to understand each other and move ahead in their business ventures.


Puerto Pesquero El Berbés, Apdo. 1138, Ed.Gral T. 1ª Planta, Oficina 4, 36202 Vigo - Pontevedra (Spain)  +34 615 51 23 09

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