Fishing industry

El Berbés Fishing Port of Vigo. Our centre of operations and specialized field: the fishing industry. Translations for the industry cover EU fisheries policy, legal aspects, operational issues for the fleets, technical manuals for the vessels, economics, discussion between the industry and Brussels over the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), etc.

After 25 years as correspondent in Spain (and for one year, in Chile) for Fishing News International, since 2016, I am correspondent, translator and interpreter for Hook & Net, an app available for mobile phones, providing up to date, in depth information on the fishing industry.

I am translator for the Spanish journal of CONXEMAR, published as an Insert for associate members requiring to read this in English. This is a journal published by and for the processing, export and import industry, with data covering the entire world of sea products.

Link to some of my articles published in Fishing News International:


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